Guernsey £10 P57 Haines Unc

A brand new catalogue of Guernsey notes has just been issued so what better time to offer a selection of Uncirculated Guernsey notes to our collectors!. On offer this issue are examples of the £5, £10 and £20 (P56-57) A mature facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is to the right on the fronts alongside a vignette of important buildings to be found on the island- The Town Church in St Peter Port, Elizabeth College and St James Concert Hall .Incredibly, the first time Her Majesty’s portrait appeared on Guernsey notes was only in 1996 On the backs, more important buildings are featured- the Hanois Lighthouse and Fort Grey, St Sampson’s Church, Les Niaux Watermill and Le Trepied Dolmen. All in all, a wonderful selection to add to your collection of Guernsey or even to start one!
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