Greek Coins and Their Values, volume 2 - Asia and Africa

by David R. Sear Hardback with dust jacket, 496 pages. Over 4500 coins listed with valules and nearly 2000 illustrations.
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This volume completes what must surely be the most complete and comprehensively illustrated collector's guide to the coins of the Greek world ever undertaken.

The second volume of this catalogue deals with the issues of mints in Asia Minor (including the islands and Cyprus), Syria, Phoenicia, Palestine (including Jewish coins of the Hasmonaean dynasty), Arabia, Mesopotamia, and other regions of the East, Egypt, Cyrenaica, and other regions of North Africa (including Carthage); also covered are the coinages of the Hellenistic Monarchies (Macedon, Thrace, Seleucids of Syria, Ptolemies of Egypt, Pergamum, Pontus, Bithynia, Cappadocia, Armenia, Parthia, Bactria and Indo-Greeks). The primary arrangement is geographical (clockwise around the Mediterranean basin) and the listings for Asia Minor are divided between Archaic issues (before circa 480 BC) and Classical and Hellenistic (later 5th century down to 1st century BC).

Although not a complete type catalogue collectors should be able locate most coins which they are likely to encounter, in one denomination or another, and the historical notes provide much valuable background information.

4560 coin types catalogued with valuations, and almost 2000 photographic illustrations. Including 11 maps, 4 tables of ancient alphabets an and index.