Greek Coins and Their Values, volume 1 - Europe

by David R. Sear Hardback with dust jacket, 360 pages. Nearly 4000 coin types listed with values and over 1500 illustrations throughout.
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This catalogue sets out to achieve what has not been attempted before, a listing of virtually every main type of ancient Greek coinage. The average collector should be able to locate in this catalogue all the types likely to be encountered, in one denomination or another; the historical notes provide valuable background information.

Complementing this comprehensive listing of Greek coins is a selection of contemporary Celtic coins, the designs of which are largely derived from Greek types. 

The first volume of this catalogue deals with the issues of the Greek cities in Spain, Gaul, Italy, Sicily, Macedon and Thrace, Illyria and Central Greece, the Peloponnese, the Aegean Islands and Crete; also the Punic and Romano-Celtiberian coinage of Spain, and the Celtic coinages of Gaul, Britain (uninscribed issues), and Central Europe. The primary arrangement is geographical (west to east) and the listings are divided between Archaic issues (before circa 480 BC) and Classical and Hellenistic (later 5th century down to 1st century BC).

There are 3,395 coins listed with their values and 1500 illustrations taken from coins in the British Museum, a table of ancient alphabets, 13 maps and an index.

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