Greece, 10 Euro BU

We have dug out these Greek 10 Euro patterns that we have in stock and we thought they would make an interesting item for the Phoenix. They first thought it was going to be called the Ecu and not the Euro. This crownsized piece features a Discus thrower on one side and a sailing vessel from the time of the Greek empire. It is struck in Brilliant Uncirculated brass.
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Picture of Greece, 25 Euro Pattern 1996  C N

Greece, 25 Euro Pattern 1996 C N

This crownsized pattern 25 Euros was issued by International Currency Bureau in 1996; it was not issued by the Greek government. On one side you have the Discus Thrower from the ancient Olympic Games. On the other side you have a galley vessel, again of ancient times. This coin is struck in Prooflike Uncirculated Cupro-nickel and is now some 22 years old. Not an easy pre-euro pattern to find and most of the pieces were shipped to Greece. I have bought out one of the original parties that made this piece and therefore I can offer them at a wonderful price. You can add one to your collection for just £7.95, at this price you might want to own more than one…

France, Set of 4 high denomination old Francs

In the wake of the Second World War high levels of inflation in France led to the withdrawal from circulation of all denominations below 1 franc. By 1950 the larger copper-nickel 10 franc coin had to be replaced by a much smaller one in aluminium bronze, along with 20 and 50 franc coins also struck in aluminium bronze. In 1954 a copper-nickel 100 franc coin was also introduced. We can now offer a set of these four high-denomination coins that circulated until the introduction of the new franc in 1960.
Portugal, 200 Escudos (Ship Landing at Tanegashima) 1993 KM665_obv

Portugal, 200 Escudos (Ship Landing at Tanegashima) 1993 KM665

Ship landing at Tanegashima, 1993 KM665