Greece 5000 Drachma 1943 P122 Unc

Crisp note issued during the Second World War in Greece. Its design draws on Greece’s ancient history.The 5000 drachma dated 1943 (P122) features a portrait of Athena on the front with a detail of a sculpted equestrian relief on the back. Uncirculated.
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Picture of Greece, 1000 Drachma, 1939. VF Condition

Greece, 1000 Drachma, 1939. VF Condition

These 1000 drachma notes are dated 1939, that’s 2 years before Greece was occupied by the Axis powers in 1941 during the Second World War. It was the largest denomination at the time and, during the war, Greece suffered terribly from runaway inflation. The front of the note features a young woman in national dress. The back has a portrait of Athena to the left with an imposing illustration of The Parthenon which even today dominates the Athens skyline. (P110)
France 500 Francs 1994-5 P160 Pierre & Marie Curie VF_obv

France 500 Francs 1994-5 P160 Pierre & Marie Curie VF

France abandoned its own currency when it joined the Eurozone in 2002. The last 500 francs to be issued featured portraits of Pierre and Marie Curie, famous for their work on radium, and between them recipients of several Nobel Prizes (P160) Dated 1994-5, the front has their conjoined portrait and a laboratory scene is on the back. A thick silver segmented security thread is also prominent. We can offer this impressive note in several grades VF and Unc Limited availability.
Sudan 25 Piastres-100 Pounds (5 Values) Unc_obv

Sudan 25 Piastres-100 Pounds (5 Values) Unc

This quintet of notes dates from the time before Sudan was split into two countries of North and South Sudan Crisp Uncirculated examples of the 25 and 50 piastres and the 1, 5 and 100 pounds. Illustrations include a view of the Central Bank and vignettes of camels, a lyre, a cotton boll, cattle,a tall building and an open book. Crisp Uncirculated.