Greece 25,000 Drachma 1943 P123 Unc

We have a limited supply of these 25,000 drachma notes dated 1943 in Uncirculated condition (P123) They were issued during the privations of war but like all issues from this period, reference the glories of Ancient Greece in their design. The front has a portrait of the Nymph Deidamia while the back features the ruins of the Olympian Temple of Zeus in the centre of Athens. Crisp Uncirculated.
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Picture of Greece, 1000 Drachma, 1939. VF Condition

Greece, 1000 Drachma, 1939. VF Condition

These 1000 drachma notes are dated 1939, that’s 2 years before Greece was occupied by the Axis powers in 1941 during the Second World War. It was the largest denomination at the time and, during the war, Greece suffered terribly from runaway inflation. The front of the note features a young woman in national dress. The back has a portrait of Athena to the left with an imposing illustration of The Parthenon which even today dominates the Athens skyline. (P110)
Picture of Greece 1000 Drachma 1942 P118 AU/Unc

Greece 1000 Drachma 1942 P118 AU/Unc

Greece 1000 drachma 1942 P118 Slub olive and grey Young girl at centre/ Lion statue. Gef Unc
Greece 5000 Drachma 1942 P119a VF_obv

Greece 5000 Drachma 1942 P119a VF

No, this is not about sports equipment! This is the 5000 drachma note issued by Greece in 1942 when it was under German Occupation (P119) Despite the privations of war, Greece still managed to issue impressively illustrated notes which reflected its considerable heritage. On this 5000 drachma, the statue of Nike at Samothrace dominates the front with workers to the left and right. On the back, a famer sowing seeds. Available in VF and GEF/Unc.