Gibraltar/Bahamas Coin Cover

In 2002 H. M. Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Golden Jubilee as our Queen, 1952-2002. To honour this event some of the Commonwealth nations issued either crowns or stamps. This is a wonderful Crown Cover from Gibraltar and the Bahamas combined in a First Day Cover (FDC). The Crown shows the Queen looking down at Prince Charles as an infant in his crib. It was issued in 1997 by Gibraltar for hers and Prince Philip’s Golden Wedding Anniversary. The two stamps were issued for the island nation of the Bahamas and cancelled on the First Day of Issue. The cover shows the Queen smiling as is usual and carrying a beautiful bunch of flowers. A most unusual crown and not one that we have seen before, so here is a chance to add to your collection.
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Picture of George V, Sixpence (Year of Three Kings) 1936 Fine

George V, Sixpence (Year of Three Kings) 1936 Fine

These 1936 silver sixpences have the portrait of King George V on them, but they have a far more interesting history. King George V died and his son became King Edward VIII and most of these Sixpences were struck during the reign of King Edward VIII. In December of that year Edward abdicated and his brother became King George VI. While the portrait is that of King George V who knows who was actually on the throne when they were struck. It is an interesting conundrum which will never be figured out.
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Type Set of British Pennies

The set Includes the old large bronze Pennies of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, George V, George VI, and Queen Elizabeth II. In September 2015 Queen Elizabeth II replaced Queen Victoria as our longest serving Monarch. The bronze Penny was first issued under Queen Victoria and was last issued under Queen Elizabeth II. Get all five Pennies one of each Monarch for just £7.50. How do we do it? We are Britain's Coin Shop, we have the largest inventory of British Coins in the United Kingdom. We work on a mark-up, not on a dream price. With Coincraft you get good value for your money.
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George V, Threepence (Silver .500) 1936 Circulated

1936 was a very unusual year for this country in that there were three Kings on the throne that year. King George V died and his son took over as King Edward VIII and when he abdicated his brother became King George VI. Most of the coins were struck under King Edward VIII but all the coins have the portrait of King George V on them. They are struck in 500 fine Silver and are the last Silver Threepences to have his portrait on them. A silver Threepence of 1936 in selected circulated condition, the year of three kings.