Germany Hamburg St Pauli Notgeld(3)

A trio of notgeld issued from Hamburg St Pauli. These are tiny with a simple design on the front and vignettes of Hamburg scenes on the back. Uncirculated.
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Crisp uncirculated Notgeld from the 1920's
Picture of Germany Paderborn Coronation King & Queen Notgeld (4)

Germany Paderborn Coronation King & Queen Notgeld (4)

Sets of notgeld issued by Paderborn, a city in Eastern North Rhine Westphalia which was founded as a bishopric by Charlemagne in AD795. Uncirculated and dated 1921. Showing several themes including the meeting of Pope Leo II with Charlemagne in 799, a shooting festival and the coronation of the Kaiser’s wife in 1002.
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Germany Notgeld Paderborn Battle (5)

This set of 5 Notgeld issued by Paderborn in 1922 tells the story of the city’s undoing by Christian The Younger of Brunswick in 1622 during the 30 Years War. Christian’s forces invaded the cities of Munster and Paderborn, took hostages, looted the cities and carried off the Cathedral’s treasure. A sorry tale but wonderfully illustrated. £6.50 a set