Germany 50 Marks 1920 P68 AU/Unc

I’ve always liked this 50 mark note issued in Germany in 1920 and especially so when it is in choice condition. It is densely engraved with a framed illustration of a young girl with a rose garland in her hair and holding fruit on the front. The back depicts a farmer and scythe in one frame and an industrial worker with hammer in another (P68) Crisp AU/Uncirculated.
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Germany 50 marks 1920 P68 Dense engarving in green Young woman with garland in hair and holding fruit/ Farmer with scythe and Man with hammer Unc

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We have all heard of those famous battles won by the Longbow: Crecy, Agincourt, or Poitiers! This was achieved using arrowheads with a needlepoint that could penetrate chainmail and even some later plate. They are named bodkin after a sharp pointed dagger and ours date from 11th to the 13th Century A.D. Each Iron Medieval Bodkin Arrowhead comes complete with a Perspex base to hold it. All you have to do is place the base of the arrowhead into the hole provided and you are set to go. They make a fantastic showpiece and are great gifts for anyone interested in Medieval history. We think the price will also please you!
Picture of Greece, Nike 5000 drachma, 1942. (P119) GEF/UNC

Greece, Nike 5000 drachma, 1942. (P119) GEF/UNC

No, this is not about sports equipment! This is the 5000 drachma issued by Greece in 1942 when it was under German Occupation. Despite the privations of war, Greece still managed to issue impressively illustrated notes which reflected its considerable heritage. On this 5000 drachma the statue of Nike at Samothrace dominates the front with workers to the left and right. On the back is a farmer sowing seeds. Crisp GEF/Unc