Germany 5 Marks 1933 Conversion Bond P199 Cancelled Unc

After World War 1, German needed to pay reparations. In the immediate aftermath of the war the German economy was ravaged by rampant hyperinflation Attempts were made to bring the economy back from the brink. In 1933 foreign payment transactions were heavily controlled to stop capital flight. Notes were issued which were not valid as currency but were regarded more as securities. This scrip was controversial when viewed in regard to emigrating Jews. They were required to pay a heavy tax to take assets abroad and any remaining assets were converted into Konversionskasse Bonds. Theoretically these could be converted at a later date but in reality this never happened . We offer Uncirculated examples of the 5 Reichsmark Konversionskasse scrip dated 1933 (P199) They have all be cancelled by way of perforation.
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