Germany 10,000 Marks 1922 P72 Vampire Unc

#Germany Vampire Note 10,000 marks 1922 P72 Olive green. Male portrait by Durer at top r/ Value over Arms at centre l. GEF/Unc
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Celtic Bronze Ring Money

These are very interesting pieces from the 3rd to 2nd Century B.C. We bought a dealers entire holding of these beautiful Ring Money. Some people say they could go back as far as 800 B.C. but we believe the dealer, who said ‘they are only 3rd-2nd Century B.C.’. It’s thought they were used as a medium of exchange, before the actual issue of coinage in this area. Their size is approx 12-18mm and have been professionally conserved. Recently, we found out that Richard had bought them about five years ago, and complety forgot that we had them in the first place... Priced to please you!
Picture of Hong Kong 50 Dollars 2018 HKSBC Butterfly P-New Unc

Hong Kong 50 Dollars 2018 HKSBC Butterfly P-New Unc

Hong Kong has recently issued a stunning series of banknotes. Each denomination has a different theme across all three issuing banks. The theme for the 50 dollars is butterflies and flowers. We offer Crisp Uncirculated examples of the 50 dollars issued by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. The front depicts a detail from the lion statues at the Bank’s Headquarters. The back, printed vertically illustrates a magnificent butterfly landing on an orange flower (P-New) A stunning addition to any album. £12.50 each.
Picture of Yugoslavia 500 Billion Dinara 1993 P137 Unc

Yugoslavia 500 Billion Dinara 1993 P137 Unc

Not many countries have had to resort to issuing banknotes with a billion denomination. Always a result of runaway inflation, these billion notes have always fascinated collectors. We offer this 500 billion Dinara note from Yugoslavia issued in 1993 (P137) in Uncirculated at only £12.50.