George VI, World War II Silver Set Unc

We have put together a few sets of the Silver coins issued by King George VI during World War II. But best of all these Silver coins are in Uncirculated condition. All the coins except the silver threepence will be dated between 1939-1945, the dates in each set will vary, that is they are not all the same date. It took me quite a while to put these World War II Uncirculated Silver Sets together, as some of the coins are very difficult to find in Uncirculated. The Threepence will be 1937 the year of King George VI Coronation. You get the Silver Threepence, Silver Sixpence, Silver English Shilling, Silver Scottish Shilling, Silver Florin and Silver Halfcrown all of George VI all issued during World War II except the Threepence and most importantly they are in Uncirculated condition. Supplies are Very Limited and these are handsome collections, after all they are at least 77 years old.
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Picture of George VI, Complete Sixpence Collection 1937-46

George VI, Complete Sixpence Collection 1937-46

We can now offer you the complete collection of King George VI Silver Sixpences. From the Coronation issue in 1937 to the last Silver Sixpence ever made in 1946. All coins are in selected circulated condition and you get every date, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945 and of course 1946. You will note that this collection also includes the complete World War II date set as well. At one time the Royal Mint were selling these coins individually in a fancy box for £26.00 each! That would have made this collection costing you £260.00!!! But not at Coincraft. No fancy boxes just good honest coins for good honest coin collectors. We have managed to put together only 100 complete collections, no fancy boxes just down to earth prices. At Coincraft we sell coins and not packaging. You can display or package these coins any way you want, but you don’t pay for packaging you don’t want and cannot use.

George V, 10 Farthings Fine or Better

We recently bought three bags of King George V Farthings. They are all struck between 1911 and 1936, but we have not sorted them by date, they will be just as they come out of the sacks. Having glanced through a bag of these George V farthings the coins are in Fine or better condition. Richard didn’t look at the coins for dates, so we will sell them as they come. We will ask one of the staff who has little knowledge of British coins to just count them out. They came from a dealer who has been in coins for over 50 years and is now retiring. Here we are offering them as they come out of a sack, 10 pieces for £15.00.
Edward VII, Halfpenny Set

Edward VII, Halfpenny Set

For the first time we are able to offer the complete date collection of King Edward VII bronze Halfpennies 1902-1910. As most collectors know the Halfpenny is the most difficult coin to find and to put all the dates together in one collection took years to do. All coins are in selected circulated condition. Supplies are limited and this is the first time we have been able to offer this collection for sale. Don’t miss out the Edward VII Halfpenny Set, it is a very difficult one to get.