George VI, Halfpenny 1942 Unc/Brilliant Unc

Bronze halfpenny featuring King George VI from 1942; condition somewhere between uncirculated and brilliant uncirculated.
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George VI, Halfpenny Uncirculated/Brilliant Uncirculated, 1938

We believe the bronze coins of King George VI are much underappreciated. The farthings are easy to get, but try and get nice Pennies and Halfpennies. Here we are offering a George VI Halfpenny from 1938 in between uncirculated & brilliant uncirculated condition.
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J B Page Portrait £1 B320 AU-Unc

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Picture of George VI, Brass Threepence, 1948

George VI, Brass Threepence, 1948

Many of the King George VI dates of brass threepences are Scarce and difficult to find, as most of the mintage was sent to our colonies overseas. The 1948 Brass Threepence is no exception. I believe that most of them went to the West Indies; after all even during a war the population needs coins to spend. The brass threepence while a short series (1937-1967) is also one of our most popular series. The new pound coin is based on this coin. The 1948 brass threepences are in Fine condition and difficult to find, many date collectors are missing this coin.