George VI, Florin 1945 Uncirculated with lustre

We recently bought a small group of these 1945 Florins. Issued right at the end of World War II during the reign of King George VI with his portrait on one side. On the other side, you have the crowned Tudor Rose with thistle and a shamrock and the initials 'G R' for Georgius Rex. In Uncirculated condition with full original lustre, lovely examples and hard to find in this condition.
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Uncirculated Silver Florin issued at the end of World War II.

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Edward VII, Shilling 1902 VG Fine

In 1902 the first coinage of King Edward VII was finally issued. He became King in 1901. Now, the rules say that no coins are to be released until after the Monarch’s Coronation, which in this case, almost didn’t happen. Edward had appendicitis and in those days people died from it. But an early operation saved him and the only consequence was that his Coronation was postponed. This Shilling is a most important denomination because when you joined the Armed Forces you were said to ‘Take the King’s Shilling’. It might have been one of these that were taken, who knows... Each Shilling is dated 1902, the Coronation Year, it is struck in Sterling Silver and will grade Very Good – Fine condition. The Edward VII series is a very short one, 1902-1910, yet there are many difficult coins in this series.
Picture of Edward VII, Sixpence Uncirculated

Edward VII, Sixpence Uncirculated

King Edward VII was the son of Queen Victoria. He waited so long to take the throne that his coinage was only struck from 1902-1910. Here we offer King Edward VII's Sixpence. Because the coins of Edward VII are struck in such low relief you need a very high-grade coin to appreciate the engraving. On these coins, you can even see that he had some hair. Dates will be of our choice but they will be either 1902, the first year of issue, or 1910 the last year. of issue. In either case, they will be in Uncirculated condition some of them are even beautifully toned.
1946 Florin Choice Uncirculated_obv

George VI, Florin 1946 Choice Unc

Choice Uncirculated.