George V, Threepence 1936 Uncirculated

The 1936 Silver Threepence is the last one to be struck with the portrait of King George V on it. He died in early 1935, his son King Edward VIII took over and most of the coins, while they might have George V’s portrait on them, they were actually struck under Edward VIII. In December his brother became King George VI. These are Uncirculated Silver Threepences of 1936, and yes they are also known as the coins of the Year of Three Kings. Struck in 500 fine silver, they are very high-grade and will look great in your collection.
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King William IV 1830-1837, was known as the Sailor King. When you joined the services you were said ‘to take the King’s shilling’ and that is what we are offering you. These are Sterling Silver Shillings that were only struck for circulation between 1834 and 1837. The bare head of the King on one side is a crowned value within a wreath, a simple but elegant design. Dates of our choice but all of them are over 185 years old and a real antique.