George V, Silver Threepence set 1931-36

King George V’s time saw the silver content of our coins reduced from Sterling Silver (.925 fine) to 500 fine Silver. It also saw the beginning of the end of the Silver Threepence. We have put together a collection of the last King George V Silver Threepences, 1931-1936. These six coins include the 1936 the year of three kings. All coins are in 500 fine Silver and in selected circulated condition. Supplies are limited and it does make an interesting addition to a collection.
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In 1816 there was the Currency Reform Act, which allowed coins to be struck even without the Monarch’s permission. This was put into place because of King George III’s illness and the shortage of small change. From 1816 on, new designs, new weights, new everything. These are the first of the new Sterling Silver Shillings issued from 1816-1820. You have the bull head of the King on one side and a crowned shield on the other side.
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Of all the Monarchs who issued coins in the 20th Century, the most difficult one to get coins from is King Edward VII. That is because his reign was so short, in fact they only issued coins dated from 1902 until 1910. Here offer the 1905 Threepence, the smallest silver coin issued for Edward VII. It was struck in Sterling Silver, and promise that all the coins will be in at least Very Good condition. Remember that this coin is now over 110 years old!