George V, Silver Halfcrown, 1923

The coinage of King George V was struck from 1911-1936. From 1911 until 1919 his coins were struck in Sterling Silver and from 1920-1936 they were struck in 500 fine Silver. Although there were crowns struck occasionally, on a regular basis the largest non gold coin struck was the Halfcrown or Two Shillings and Sixpence. The coin offered here is the 1923 Halfcrown in selected circulated condition, but let’s be honest the older the coin, the more circulation you can expect. We always give you the best coin we have in stock at that time.
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George V, Silver Shilling 1925 Circulated

When you joined the services, it was said that you ‘took the King’s shilling’. Here we offer 1925 ‘King’s Shilling’. From 1920-1926 the Shilling had the same design as the Sterling Silver coinage that would change after 1927. The coin offered here is in selected circulated condition and struck in .500 silver.

George VI, Florin 1942 Fine

Of all the denominations of King George VI, the Florin is the most difficult to obtain. The coins struck during World War II were made in 500 fine Silver. We have obtained a small group of the 1942 George VI World War II Silver Florins in Fine condition. It is both toward the end of the War and the end of our silver coinage. The coins are in Fine condition, nothing special but rather nice.
Picture of George V, Halfcrown (.925 Sterling Silver) Very Fine

George V, Halfcrown (.925 Sterling Silver) Very Fine

The George V Halfcrown or Two Shillings and Sixpence was struck in Sterling .925 Silver from 1911-1919 and in 500 fine Silver from 1920-1936. The Halfcrown was the largest silver denomination that was struck almost every year. It was a lot money at the time. We have managed to put together a nice group of both types of George V Halfcrowns and we offer them by type and not by date. This Sterling Silver Halfcrown is the hardest to find in high grade as the dies wore out quickly and they were slow to replace them. There are no rare dates available.