George V, Florin 1936 Circulated

This Silver Florin is dated 1936 and has a most interesting history. It may have been issued under any one of 3 different British Monarchs. It has the portrait of King George V on it, but as he died early on, it was probably struck under King Edward VIII or it might have even have been struck under King George VI. As you can see it has an interesting history. In any case it is known as the 3 Kings Florin. And as most collectors know, the Florin is the most difficult denomination to find. We offer specially selected circulated examples, remember that they are 84 years old! An interesting coin, which you can show and talk about to your friends. A talkabout coin.
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MonarchGeorge V 1910 - 1936
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George V, Florin 1st Type (.925 Silver) Very Good - Fine

As most collectors realize the Florin or Two Shillings is the most difficult denomination to find. The Sterling Silver coinage of King George V was only issued from 1911-to 1919, so they are even more difficult to find than most. The dates will be of our choice, but the more you order the more different dates you will be sent. The coins are in specially selected Very Good - Fine condition and are over 100 years old.

George V, Halfcrown 1936 Circulated

The coinage of King George V was struck from 1911-1936. From 1911 until 1919 his coins were struck in Sterling Silver and from 1920-1936 they were struck in 500 fine Silver. Although there were crowns struck occasionally, on a regular basis the largest non gold coin struck was the Halfcrown or Two Shillings and Sixpence. The coin offered here is the 1936 Halfcrown in selected circulated condition, but let’s be honest the older the coin, the more circulation you can expect. We always give you the best coin we have in stock at that time.

George V, Shilling (.500 Silver) 1936 Circulated

When you joined the services, it was said that you ‘took the King’s shilling’. Here we offer the 1936 ‘King’s Shilling’. From 1927-1936 the design changed to a Lion proudly standing on a crown. The coin offered here is in selected circulated condition and struck in .500 silver.