George V, Farthing, 1936 Uncirculated

1936 was the year that King George V died, his son became Edward VIII and then abdicated so his brother could become King George VI, the father of our own Queen, Elizabeth II. All of the Farthings issued in 1936 carried the portrait of King George V and the Farthing was the lowest denomination made at the time. The Depression was still blowing cold air and a Farthing would still buy you something. Here we present the last George V Farthing in Uncirculated condition.
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Picture of George V, Penny Uncirculated/Brilliant Uncirculated 1935

George V, Penny Uncirculated/Brilliant Uncirculated 1935

In 1935 King George V reached his Silver Jubilee (1910-1935), a feat that not all that many of our Monarchs had or would reach. A handsome Penny featuring the bare head portrait of the King was issued for that year. We have a nice group of these 1935 Pennies on offer, but supplies are limited. We have two grades: Uncirculated - Brilliant Uncirculated and Uncirculated condition. The coins are handsome and the next year King George V would die, causing great problems with his successor.

George VI, 1 Penny Uncirculated, 1948

1D (1 Penny) from the reign of George VI, minted in 1948 and in uncirculated condition.