George V, 1922 Silver Coin Set

In the long history of our coinage, when they talked about coins they meant Sterling Silver coins. That is 925 parts silver per 1,000 parts. But in 1920, the British Government made the unprecedented move of reducing the silver content of our coinage. They reduced it from 925 parts per 1,000 to just 500 parts per 1,000 or half silver as it is called. Not many people kept the ‘new’ silver coins, because they knew that 500 fine coins were not as intrinsically valuable as Sterling Silver coins. So that post 1920 coins, even today are not all that easy to get. We have put together complete silver date sets of King George V 1922 coins. You get the Threepence, Sixpence, Shilling, Florin, and Halfcrown all issued in 1922, all in Very Good condition, which considering they are this year 100 years old, is rather good. You get all five 1922 silver coins in Very Good.
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