George V, Halfcrown (Sterling Silver) 1916 Fine

Now over 100 years old and becoming difficult to find.
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In 1916 World War One was blazing away, but our coinage was still being struck in 925 Silver or Sterling Silver as it is better known. At that time the Halfcrown or Two Shillings and Sixpence was the largest non gold coin issued. You have the bare head of the King, George V, on one side and a crowned shield on the other side.
Recently we were fortunate in buying a little hoard, less than 20 coins which had been put away for years and we are able to offer them to you now. Limited availabillity.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
MonarchGeorge V 1910 - 1936
Pre-Decimal DenominationHalfcrown
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Now almost 100 years old and becoming difficult to find.
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1918 Kings Norton Penny in Fine. In the reign of King George V the Royal Mint ran out of capacity to strike enough coins for everyday usage, so they contracted out the minting of some Pennies. One of the two Mints they used was the Kings Norton Mint, unlike the Birmingham Mint, the Kings Norton Mint had never struck coins for them before. They only made pennies for the Mint in 1918 and 1919 and all of these coins carry the ‘KN’ mint mark by the left of the date. Of the two mints, the Kings Norton is by far the most difficult to get.