George V 1911 Silver Coronation Medal 31mm Very Fine

In 1910, King Edward VII died after a rather short reign and in 1911 his son was crowned as King George V. The Royal Mint issued an official small sized (31mm) medallion in sterling silver to celebrate the Coronation. The obverse carries the portrait of George V with the legend GEORGE V CROWNED JUNE 22 1911 and the reverse has the portrait of Queen Mary. The mintage was a little over 25,000 and these are rather hard to fi d in nice grade these days.
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In 1902 Edward VII was finally crowned King, after the death of his Mother, Queen Victoria. He had waited a long time for this to happen and it almost didn’t as he had an appendicitis attack and the Coronation had to be postponed. In those days, people died of appendicitis. The Royal Mint issued a rather handsome small Official Silver medallion to honour the Coronation in 1902. It had King Edward VII’s bust on one side and his Queen, Alexandra’s bust on the other side. They are in a very contemporary design and are struck in Sterling Silver. He was a very popular King and these sold quite quickly from the Royal Mint. We can offer them in Extremely Fine. Remember that they are now over 120 years old!