George V, 10 (1911-1919) 10 Mixed Sterling Silver Threepences

10 Mixed Sterling Silver Threepences.
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George VI, World War II Silver Set Unc

George VI, World War II Silver Set Unc

We have put together a few sets of the Silver coins issued by King George VI during World War II. But best of all these Silver coins are in Uncirculated condition. All the coins except the silver threepence will be dated between 1939-1945, the dates in each set will vary, that is they are not all the same date. It took me quite a while to put these World War II Uncirculated Silver Sets together, as some of the coins are very difficult to find in Uncirculated. The Threepence will be 1937 the year of King George VI Coronation. You get the Silver Threepence, Silver Sixpence, Silver English Shilling, Silver Scottish Shilling, Silver Florin and Silver Halfcrown all of George VI all issued during World War II except the Threepence and most importantly they are in Uncirculated condition. Supplies are Very Limited and these are handsome collections, after all they are at least 77 years old.
Type Set of George VI's Last Coins

Type Set of George VI's Last Coins

King George VI ruled from 1937-1952 and during his reign they totally changed our coinage. No longer were coins struck in silver, now since the end of World War they were struck in cupro-nickel. Here is a complete type set of George VI’s last coins all in selected circulated condition. You get the bronze Farthing, Halfpenny and Penny, the tombac Brass Threepence and the cupro-nickel Sixpence, English Shilling, Scottish Shilling, Florin and Halfcrown. All of these coins will date from 1947-1952, the dates will vary but all will be in specially selected circulated condition.
George VI_1947-51_Shillings_English_Type

George VI, 1947-51 English Type Shillings

The shillings of George VI presented here were issued with the English reverse type, and depict a crowned lion on top of a crown, with the legend above, and the denomination below. All struck between 1947-1951. 5 coins in total showing the change of legend that occurred in 1949 when the mint had to remove ‘IND IMP’ because the monarch was no longer Emperor of India. These were also the last Shillings struck in the reign of George VI as he died early in 1952.