George III, Sierra Leone Patina Bronzed Copper

In the reign of King George III, what is now Sierra Leone was under British control. INA made some fantastic low mintage Patina Retro-Patterns to show what their coinage might have looked like, had they been issued. The bust of King George III is the same bust as used on the famous Bank of England Dollar. They are beautiful pieces, here we present them in Bronzed Copper Uncirculated. The reverse has a lion with a pair of hands shaking above and are retro-dated 1808. You will love it.
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William IV, 3 Graces Bronzed Copper

In the very short reign of King William IV there was only one crown issued in 1831 and a few patterns. These are Patina or retro-patterns of the ‘1835’ William IV 3 Graces pattern. The 3 Graces is a very famous statue of the same name by Antonio Canova. The bust is the same as used on the Crown, in fact it almost looks better, the reverse has the 3 Graces. Here we present the Patina in bronzed copper. Well worth having…