George III, Shilling (Bull Head) 1816 Choice Unc

George III’s reign covered a crucial period in British history, which included the American Revolutionary War and the Napoleonic Wars. In 1816, The British economy was in a state of transition, it was a time of rebuilding and economic stabilization for Britain after the long and costly wars against France. The shillings of 1816 serve as a tangible artifact, minted during a time of historical significance as they marked the introduction of Britain’s new coinage in 1816, as well as reflecting the historical context of the post-Napoleonic era. We’ve been putting aside high-grade examples of these fabulous 1816 shillings for a while and are delighted to offer them to you in Choice Uncirculated, we only have 17 in stock so get one while stocks last.
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MonarchGeorge III 1760 - 1820
Pre-Decimal DenominationShilling (Bob)
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