George III, Ceylon Patina Pewter

We were told by the people who struck the Patina crownsized retro patterns that striking anything in Pewter was something they did not relish. It is hard to strike, it is messy to strike and they would rather use another metal. But these George III Ceylon Patina retro patterns are struck in Proof Pewter and we think they look great. Forget the work and the mess the finished product is great. Because they were struck in Pewter, the mintages are limited. Get them while you can…
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Picture of Somalia, Elizabeth I 400th Anniversary Unc CN

Somalia, Elizabeth I 400th Anniversary Unc CN

Yes, there is a Crown out that honours the 400th Anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth I. And Coincraft has the worldwide distribution rights to this important Crown. It has a beautiful rendition of Elizabeth I as taken from her coinage and the reverse has the Arms of the Somali Republic, the denomination 250 Shillings, and the date 2003. Mintages are very small, in Uncirculated Cupronickel it is only 1,000 pieces. A wonderful low mintage Crown for the 400th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth I only available from Coincraft and priced right! A Gothic Crown can cost £2,000.00.
Picture of Liberia/Ascension Golden Jubilee Crown Cover

Liberia/Ascension Golden Jubilee Crown Cover

This huge CrownCover was issued in 2002 to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee 1952- 2002. You have a huge cover from Liberia with two $35.00 stamps and a double full colour photo of the Queen. The 50 Pence or crownsized coin is from Ascension Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. You have Westminster Abby with the legend ‘God Save the Queen’ on one side and H.M. the Queen on the other side. It is in Prooflike Uncirculated condition and all in all it is a rather handsome presentation. Issued by Mercury some 18 years ago and our supply is very small, so if you want one, please get in quickly!
Picture of Somalia, Gothic Crown CN

Somalia, Gothic Crown CN

The African nation of Somalia has honoured our most beautiful coin, the Gothic Crown, on its own coinage. It has issued them in crownsized and sovereign sized, the latter in a number of different metals. With a choice Gothic Crown now bringing over £2,500 at auction, it is out of most collectors ranges. The Gothic Crown in Gold is now worth over £250,000! We can offer the crownsized Gothic Crown in Prooflike Uncirculated cupronickel. Own these handsome pieces at prices that are much more affordable. They are our most beautiful coin…