George III, Twopence (Cartwheel) Very Good

How do you know this is a twopence? We were asked this question the other day and the simple answer is, if it weighs two ounces then it is Twopence, if it weighs an ounce then it is a Penny. They were only issued for one year in 1797; the public hated them, because they weighed so much. This was one of the first coins to be struck under steam pressure on Boulton and Watts steam press. Because they are pure copper they nick and scratch very easily. You have the bust of King George III on one side and a seated Britannia on the other side. This coin is offered in Very Good condition. We give you the best example that we have in stock, but due to the softness of the metal, there will be some dings. A great talking piece and was only issued in 1797.
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MonarchGeorge III 1760 - 1820
Pre-Decimal DenominationTwopence (Half Groat)
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