George II, Farthing (Young Head) Fine

George II Farthing Young Head in Fine
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MonarchGeorge II 1727 - 1760
Pre-Decimal DenominationFarthing
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During the reign of King George III there was a great shortage of small change. The last type of Halfpenny issued for this Monarch were struck in 1806 and 1807. We recently purchased a nice group of the 1806 issue, the first year of issue in Fine and Very Fine condition. You have the bust of King George III dressed as a Roman on one side and the seated figure of Britannia on the other side. These were the last copper George III halfpennies issued. After the Currency Reform Act of 1816, they didn’t bother to issue any halfpennies.
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4 coins: 1, 5, 10, and 50 Dirham 1973-1978. Not many coins made for this country and these are all Brilliant Uncirculated and a very difficult set to put together.
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Way out in the Far East is a place to this day that has not been fully explored, New Guinea. It was under British rule during the reigns of both King George V and his son King George VI. Both Monarchs struck Sterling Silver Shillings for local use, this was the highest denomination struck. They were struck with a hole in the middle so they could be strung and worn around the neck of the locals, after all, most didn’t wear trousers. The coins on offer are struck in Sterling Silver here offer one of George V. They only made 2 dates of each King. Supplies are limited.