Gambling Chips Jackpot Collection

Here is a fantastic offer for all your poker and gambling lovers, a selection of 20 different vintage gambling chips from around the world, together with a set of 12 Limited Edition US Gambling Hotshots Chips in a presentation folder each with a numbered certificate. Poker seems to have its origins in Europe in the 17th and 19th Centuries derived from a French game called ‘Poque’ which was imported by French settlers who founded New Orleans and a German game called ‘Pochen’ but both of these games derived from a three-card bluffing game called ‘Primero’ which dates back to Spain in 1526, often referred to as ‘Poker’s Mother’. The pack of 20 different chips are from a range of casinos mostly in the USA and the UK, some with high roller denominations and some obscure ones that we can’t identify but you might be able to. Great collector’s items on their own or gifts for poker-mad friends and family but only 50 of these sets are available with the limited edition Poker Hotshots Presentation folder, so don’t miss out on this great offer. The chips illustrated here will not necessarily be the ones you will receive as they are picked at random from stock.
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SKU: GAM7004