Gallienus Silvered Ant

Born in 218 AD, Publius Licinius Egnatius Gallienus grappled with the challenges of the Crisis of the Third Century during his reign as Roman Emperor. He faced invasions by barbarian tribes, numerous usurpers, and the loss of various provinces from the Empire. Responding to the crisis, Gallienus adopted a strategy of co-emperorship, appointing several co-rulers to help manage diff erent regions of the vast empire. However, this move, aimed at restoring stability, challenged his authority and contributed to the tragic death of his sons. Despite his efforts, Gallienus’s reign was marked by ongoing turmoil, and his life came to an abrupt end in 268 A.D. when he was assassinated during a coup. Nonetheless, historians acknowledge Gallienus for extending the empire’s existence by another 208 years. The Antoninianus coins we are offering, featuring exquisite silvering and either a standing or sitting figure on reverse, providing a glimpse into the earlier years of his reign when the silver content was more significant as towards the end of his reign they had reduced to around 6% silver, making these examples particularly scarce, they come in Very Fine grade.
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Gallienus A.D. 260-258 Silvered Antoninianus