Gallienus (A.D. 253-268), Antoninianus Extremely Fine Portrait

Gallienus (A.D. 253-268) is a much maligned Roman emperor. Originally he ruled jointly with his father, Valerian I, until the latter was scandalously captured for life by the Sassanid Empire in A.D. 260. Throughout Gallienus’ reign he also faced natural disasters, disease and invasions on all sides. But most serious were at least 8 internal rebellions from his own governors and generals, the last one killed him! Even with these setbacks his impressive 15 years was by far the longest reign of the period called ‘The Crisis of the Third Century’. His reforms, such as a mobile field army, set the stage for the revival of the empire by others after he died. We have put together a small group of his billon silver Antoniniani with various reverses. The chaos of his reign famously meant the quality of his coins declined compared to earlier emperors. What makes these we offer so special is that the portraits are all clear and in Extremely Fine grade! And at a price we think you will agree is most fair, we got a good deal on these so we pass that saving on to you, don’t miss out...
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