Galerius Billon Follis About Extremely Fine

In A.D. 293 the high-ranking soldier Galerius was adopted and made Caesar by Diocletian, marrying his daughter Valeria (Galeria Valeria) to cement the position. Galerius fought Rome’s enemies in the east, his main focus being the Sassanians who he finally defeated in A.D. 299 with the help of Diocletian. When Diocletian and Maximian abdicated in A.D. 305 Galerius made sure both new Caesars were his allies, meaning he as emperor was in control of ¾ of the empire. But his arrogant blundering meant that shortly, for the only time in history, six Roman emperors ruled at once as people refused to do what he wanted! He gave up in A.D. 309, focusing on fun and building. He died in A.D. 311 of a gruesome illness that Christian writers gleefully claimed came from their god for his persecutions. The coins we offer here are Billon Follis in About Extremely Fine condition showing his laureate bust on the obverse and with various reverses. They are from the same small group as the Diocletian & Maximian Follis also available on our website. Meaning they are big and beautiful and there are few of them so do not miss out…
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