G M Gill Pictorial £5 B353 EF

G M Gill £5 Blue Pictorial B353 Queen Eliz II/ Duke of Wellington Crisp EF
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GM Gill was one of the shortest serving Chief Cashiers at the Bank of England. He served from 1988-1991 and during that time his signature appeared on two different £5 notes The first £5 note of his term followed the Pictorial design, first introduced in 1973 when J B Page was Chief Cashier.(B353) The front has a portrait of Elizabeth II in State Robes on the front. On the back we find a portrait of the Duke of Wellington alongside a vignette from the Peninsular War. Gill’s was to the last signature to grace this design which was replaced in 1990. Here offer Crisp examples of the Gill Wellington £5 in Extremely Fine.