G M Gill Historical £5 B357 A01 Prefix Unc

In 1992 the Bank of England unveiled a completely new series of banknotes. The first in the series was the £5 which featured a larger mature portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front and a portrait of George Stephenson, railway pioneer on the back (B357) The very first notes from this Historical series all had the prefix A01. We have a small quantity of these important notes in Crisp Uncirculated. Limited availability.
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D H F Somerset £10 B346 AUnc

D H F Somerset £10 B346 AUnc

D H F Somerset served as Chief Cashier at the Bank of England from 1980-1988. During that time there were 4 different £10 notes issued. We are delighted to be able to offer choice examples of the first variety with the reference B346. This was the issue with the least number of notes printed, maybe because the prefixes were a continuation from those issued with J B Page’s signature. The front has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II in State Robes while the back honours Florence Nightingale. A vignette of her work in Scutari during the Crimea War also appears. Choice AUnc examples of Somerset’s First £10 at just £75 each Limited availability.
Picture of G.M. Gill, £5 'Wellington' (B353) UNC

G.M. Gill, £5 'Wellington' (B353) UNC

Bank of England, G.M. Gill Chief Cashier (1988-1991), £5 Duke of Wellington (B353) Crisp Uncirculated
Picture of Uncut Sheet of Three Bank of England £5 Notes

Uncut Sheet of Three Bank of England £5 Notes

The last of the web fed issue. In original Bank of England presentation wallet. Only 1500 issued.