G E A Kentfield Historical £5 B364 Unc

When the Bank of England launched a new series of banknotes in the 1990s, it was planned that there would be a small crown in the top right-hand corner of all values on the front. This ended up causing problems with members of the public complaining that it was difficult to distinguish between denominations. The bank decided to ‘enhance’ the design. On the £5 note, the crown was retained but the £5 symbol was made very dark. On all other denominations, the crown was replaced with the denomination both in the top right corner on the front and additionally on the back. The first Chief Cashier to see these changes was G E A Kentfield. Here we offer Uncirculated examples of the ‘Enhanced’ Kentfield £5. (B364)
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G E A Kentfield £5 Blue Historical B364 Queen/ Stephenson Little crown top right Unc