France, Napoleon III Silver 1 Franc

Peter has found a small group of silver One Franc coins issued in France under the reign of Napoleon III (1842-1870). There are a number of different types and dates, but we are selling them as they come. All coins are selected circulated condition and are at least 150 years old. We know about Napoleon and Napoleon III but not many people know what happened to Napoleon II. Interesting coins struck in silver, order more than one coin and we will try to give you different types where possible.
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Picture of Poland, Silver 3 Polkers Fine

Poland, Silver 3 Polkers Fine

These silver Polish coins were made between 1614-1628 were issued in the reign of the famous Sigismund III (1587-1632). The denomination is quite unusual being 3 Polker. They have a crowned shield on one side with a 3 below. The other side has an orb. They are struck in silver and are now about 400 years old. We offer them here in Fine; you are getting a 400-year-old Polish Silver coin at a most reasonable price. After all how many Polkers do you have in your collection? Buy one of these and you will have 3 Polkers to your name.
Picture of France, 1 Franc 1915 Extremely Fine

France, 1 Franc 1915 Extremely Fine

These French Silver 1 Franc coins were some of the last French coins to be struck in silver for regular usage. They have a woman sowing seeds, which is based on a famous painting by Millet. The coins on offer are at least Extremely Fine and many are in Uncirculated condition. We have graded them Extremely Fine but many of you will be getting even better examples. The lowest price we have ever sold them at.
Russia, Alexander III 25 roubles 1909 P12 VG_obv

Russia, Alexander III 25 roubles 1909 P12 VG

Issued in 1909, just 8 years before the Russian Revolution, these 25 roubles feature an impressive portrait of Alexander III on the back (P12) He was Tsar of Russia from 1881 until 1894. He became Tsar after the assassination of his father Alexander II. The front has a fairly simple design with Imperial crowned double headed eagle on the front and sunburst underprint design. Alexander’s stern portrait is on the back.