France, Hugh IX (1163-1219) Silver Dinar, Fine

Silver coin from the Middle-Ages, nearly 800 years old.
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Hugh IX (1163-1219) Lord of the Counties of Lusignan, La Marche and Angouleme. Embarked on the 5th Crusade, 1218, and died on the 5th of November 1219 at Damietta in North Africa. His son, Hugh X, married the Queen of England, Isabella widow of King John. She was Countess of Angouleme.
The obverse legend reads ‘VGO COMES’ with 2 crescents and 2 ‘O's' back to back with a Maltese Cross in the centre. The reverse legend reads 'MARCHIE' with a long cross in the centre.
This is a Silver Dinar of Hugh IX in Fine condition and now almost 800 years old. This is the first time that we have been able to offer them, but our supplies are limited. Remember his son Hugh X married the widow of King John.

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