France 50 Francs 1997-9 P157A Unc

France 50 francs 1993-7 P157 Blue and m/c St Exupery and map of his journey to Africa/Early plane and Little Prince Unc
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The last 50 francs note issued by France before it adopted the Euro featured a portrait of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. He was a prominent writer and pioneering aviator, best remembered for his novella The Little Prince. (P157A).
We offer Uncirculated examples of the Saint-Exupery 50 francs dated 1997-1999. They are quite striking with a portrait of St Exupery set against a map of Africa on the front. The back has an illustration of an early biplane referencing a crash he had in the Africa desert. The motif for The Little Prince also appears on the back and front. Crisp Uncirculated and limited availability.