Fourpence (Groat)

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Edward IV_Groat_obv

Edward IV Groat, London Mint, Mm Crown

Edward IV (1461-83) Light Coinage, Groat, London Mint, mintmark Crown. Good Very Fine with a well struck portrait.
Edward IV, 1461-1470. Groat, York Mint. Light coinage. Good Fine_obv

Edward IV, Groat (York Mint) 1461-1470 Light coinage Good Fine

c.1464-1470. Mintmark Lis, Quatrefoils at neck and E for EBORACI on chest. Good Fine
Henry VIII, 1509-1547. Groat, York Mint. Second Coinage. Good Fine_obv

Henry VIII, Groat (York Mint) Second Coinage Good Fine

c.1514-1526. Archbishop Thomas Wolsey, TW beside shield, cardinal's hat below. Mintmark voided cross. Good Fine and attractively toned.
Scotland_David II_obv

Scotland, David II, Four Pence (Groat) Very Fine

Scotland, David II (1329-1371) Groat (4d) Edinburgh Mint. Very Fine with well struck portrait.
Scotland_Robert II_Four_Pence_(Groat)_obv

Scotland, Robert II, Four Pence (Groat) Very Fine

Scotland, Robert II (1371-1390), Groat (4d) Edinburgh Mint. Very Fine
Victorian_Silver_Groat_Very Good

Victoria, Groat, Silver, Very Good

Firstly a Groat is 4 old pence (4d) or 1/60th of a Pound. These have the Young Head of Queen Victoria on them and many were also struck for use in our overseas Colonies, but they were still legal tender and used in this country. You have the youthful portrait of Queen Victoria on one side and a rather beautiful rendition of Britannia seated on the reverse. One of the most underappreciated Victorian coins. They were issued from 1838-1861 and we have them available in Very Good. The coins are struck in Sterling Silver and are at least 160 years old. Let’s face it many collectors don’t even know that a Groat was ever issued. Dates will be of our choice, but the more you order the more different dates we will try and give you. Please do not ask for specific dates as they will no doubt be the rare dates.