Florin (Two Shillings)

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  • Monarch: Elizabeth II 1952 - 2022
1955 Florin Unc

Elizabeth II, Florin 1955 Unc

As the first coins of Queen Elizabeth II were only issued in 1953, this 1955 Florin is one of the earliest and first coins to have been issued. It is also one of the most difficult coins to find, especially in Uncirculated condition. After all the coins are now 67 years old and 1955 a Florin or two shillings was a week’s pocket money for a youngster. This is a nice group and a difficult coin to find in this unused quality. Supplies are very limited and this is one date that many collectors need.
Picture of Elizabeth II, Florin 1962 Unc

Elizabeth II, Florin 1962 Unc

1963 Florin Unc_obv

Elizabeth II, Florin 1963 Unc

At the end of the pre-decimal series, many of the dates are difficult to get in Uncirculated condition. This 1963 Florin is no exception, after all the Florin is the most difficult denomination to get in Uncirculated. These were put away at the time they were issued, which is now 55 years ago. Queen Elizabeth II coins are much underappreciated, especially when you are looking for them. Limited supplies.
1964 Florin Brilliant Unc_rev

Elizabeth II, Florin 1964 Brilliant Unc

The pre-decimal coinage of Queen Elizabeth II dated 1964 has always been difficult to get. Here we offer the 1964 Florin in Brilliant Unc. Supplies are limited in for a number of coins.

Elizabeth II, Florin 1964 Unc

We have been offering the difficult to find 1964 Halfcrown in Uncirculated, which we bought in New Zealand. Now we have bought a small group of the 1964 Florin in Uncirculated which is much rarer than the Halfcrown. These coins were found in this country not 12,000 miles away. A very small number are available and these are Difficult to find. The 1964 Florin in Uncirculated is not a coin that you will find everyday, because the Florin is the most difficult denomination to find. While they last you can own one for just £8.95 but supplies are very limited.

Elizabeth II, Florin 1966 Unc

The last Florin issued for circulation was in 1967, the first year of issue was only 1849, so it is a short lived denomination. Also as a denomination the Florin has always been the most difficult one to get. I have some nice Uncirculated Queen Elizabeth II 1966 Florins. This the penultimate year of the whole denomination. Not easy to get, yet it is not an expensive coin.
Picture of Elizabeth II, Florin 1967 Brilliant Unc

Elizabeth II, Florin 1967 Brilliant Unc

Elizabeth II, The Last 1967 Florin. Brilliant Uncirculated. In 1967 the Royal Mint issued its last ever Florin for circulation. Although it had an exact decimal equivalent, the 10p, they decided to stop making them. As most collectors know the florin is the most difficult of the denominations to get. We can offer the last ever, the 1967 Florin in Brilliant Uncirculated condition for just £4.00. At one time a number of years ago, we had to pay that price to get them. But a fortunate find, in our basement, allows us to offer them to you. Limit of three coins per collector and well worth having.
1970 Florin Proof_rev

Elizabeth II, Florin 1970 Proof

1970 Proof Florin. Not struck for circulation.