Florin (Two Shillings)

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  • Monarch: Victoria 1837 - 1901
Victoria, Florin (Gothic)_obv

Victoria, Florin (Gothic)

The first British decimal coin was the Florin or Two Shillings which today is the 10p. First issued in 1849 and changed to the Gothic design in 1851 these florins were struck in Sterling Silver. You have a crowned portrait of Queen Victoria facing left on the obverse and four crowned coats of arms on the reverse. The strangest thing is that a large part of the population was illiterate, yet instead of putting the date in what is known today as Arabic numerals, they put the date in Roman numerals. So that a large part of the populace could not even read the date that was on the coin. As 1872 became (MDCCC) Ixxii. The coins on offer have seen considerable circulation, but don’t forget that even the most modern of the coins is today 132 years old. We have made sure that you can make out the date, even if only the last digits are clear. Available in different grades. Dates will be of our choice.
From £24.95
Picture of Victoria, Florin (Gothic) Fair

Victoria, Florin (Gothic) Fair

Victoria Gothic Florin in Fair.
Victoria, Florin (Gothic) Fine_obv

Victoria, Florin (Gothic) Fine

Victoria Gothic Florin in Fine.

Victoria, Florin (Gothic) Very Good

Victoria Gothic Florin in Very Good.

Victoria, Florin (Jubilee Head) 1888 Good Extremely Fine

With residual brilliance, a better date.

Victoria, Florin (Jubilee Head) EF

Jubilee Head Florin Extremely Fine
Picture of Victoria, Florin (Jubilee Head) Extremely Fine

Victoria, Florin (Jubilee Head) Extremely Fine

In 1887 Queen Victoria allowed her portrait to be changed from the Young Head to the Jubilee Head portrait. The coins were struck in Sterling Silver and the most difficult denomination to find is the Florin. Don’t forget the Florin as a denomination only came into being in 1849. The coins on offer are in Extremely Fine condition, which is a very high grade and based on some of the prices I have seen being asked at coin fairs, are very expensive. Well our coins are not that highly priced, we have been building up our little inventory for a couple of years and they were bought right, so we are going to sell them right. But the Florin is the most difficult denomination to get, especially in Extremely Fine condition.
Victoria_Jubillee Head_Florin _VG_obv

Victoria, Florin (Jubilee Head) VG

Jubilee Head Florin Very Good
Victoria, 1897 Old Head Florin Unc_obv

Victoria, Florin (Old Head) 1897 Unc

with an appealing old tone, tiny carbon mark on veil.
Victoria Old Head Florin_obv

Victoria, Florin (Old Head) Very Good

In our opinion, the Old Head or Widow Head but of Queen Victoria is the most underappreciated of the three different busts made during her reign. Here we offer the Old Head Florin in VG. Dates will be of our choice.