Tristan da Cunha, Crown (Ferdinand Magellan) Proof Silver Plated

Born in 1480 Ferdinand Magellan was one of the most famous and competent Portuguese explorers. Portugal was a small country but was known for the competency of its sailors. Magellan would prove himself to be a competent sailor and soldier while serving the Portuguese army in India for eight years. Magellan defected to Spain in 1519 and, with the Spanish King's blessing set out to search for a passage to the Spice Islands (Moluccas) and achieve what Columbus never could: circumnavigate the world! In 1521 he went around South America and found the passage to the Spice Islands, but was unfortunately killed in present-day Philippines. However, on 06 September 1522, Elcano and the remaining crew of the voyage (18 out of 240) completed the journey and became the first men to circle the world.
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Picture of Tristan da Cunha, Crown 2014 (Tristão da Cunha & Ship) Silver Plated Proof

Tristan da Cunha, Crown 2014 (Tristão da Cunha & Ship) Silver Plated Proof

The Portuguese explorer Tristão da Cunha was born in 1460 and died in 1540. At one time he was King Manuel I’s ambassador to the Vatican under Pope Leo X. But he is best known for his antics in the Middle East and India. When in his wanderings he found a group of islands in the South Atlantic, although the weather was too rough to get off his ship, he claimed them and named one after himself. Now that island Tristan da Cunha has issued a crown to honour their discoverer. It is diamond-shaped and has H.M. Queen Elizabeth II on one side and Tristão on the other side with a sailing ship and wheel. This is heavily silver plated and struck in Proof condition. It also comes in a diamond-shaped protective capsule. If you name an island after yourself, why not have a coin made for you?
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Tristan da Cunha, Christopher Columbus

Columbus discovered more than just America, he discovered the Caribbean Islands as well. This beautiful diamond-shaped Crown from Tristan da Cunha does him great justice. Christopher with wide tricorn hat, sailing ship to his right and ships wheel above is on one side and H.M. Queen Elizabeth II is on the other side. Each coin is in Proof condition and is heavily silver plated to gleam. Then it is put into a diamond shaped plastic display case to help preserve it. Now you can own a most unusual and interesting coin of that great explorer Christopher Columbus for a very competitive price: we doubt that any would be issued today at such a reasonable price.

Congo, 10 Francs (Warriors of The World - Celtic Warrior) 2010 Proof

This beautiful silvered coin from the Democratic Republic of the Congo was issued in 2010. It is part of their series of Warriors of the World. You have a Celt standing holding his shield and with club raised over his head ready to attack his appointment. It is a beautiful coin with very high emotional appeal. 10 Francs of Silvered Proof, a delightful coin worthy of your collection. Supplies are limited.