Fantasy Bitcoin in Deluxe Presentation Case

Here we present a gold-plated Bitcoin in a Deluxe Presentation case, the medal is gold-plated put into a plush presentation box, and then the box comes in a black plush drawstring pouch. These are privately issued and have no value in the bitcoin market...
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Elizabeth II, £2 Britannia 2021 Brilliant Uncirculated

We are offering you the beautiful 2021 Silver Britannia in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Each 999 fine silver coin contains one ounce of pure silver. It was issued by the Royal Mint and is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.
Fantasy Bitcoin in Capsule_obv

Fantasy Bitcoin in Capsule

Here we present a Gold-plated ‘Bitcoin’, these are privately issued and have no value in the bitcoin market. We used to sell these for £8.95, so we think you will like our new price…
Russia_USSR_5 Roubles_1990_Urspenki_Cathedral_CN_obv

Russia (USSR), 5 Roubles 1990 Urspenki Cathedral CN

We have offered Russian commemorative coins a number of times in Proof condition and they look great in Proof. But, it is the Uncirculated coins that are more difficult to find for collectors. The Proofs were exported as a source of hard currency and therefore were put away, the Uncirculated coins were meant to circulate and most of them did just that. We have a small number of these 1990 5 Roubles Russian commemorative coins issued under the USSR in Uncirculated condition and I ask you to seriously consider these. They feature the Upenski Cathedral and Krause do not even show a photograph. They are more difficult to find than the Proof coins and most of these are about 30 years old.