George VI, Shilling (Scottish) 1949 Gem Unc

It was during the reign of King George VI that all silver was removed from our coinage and replaced with what we use today, cupronickel. But what many collectors do not realise is that the cupronickel coins of George VI in choice condition are much harder to get than choice silver coins of George VI. We recently purchased a group of the 1949 Scottish Shillings, put away in 1949 and they are super! We've have classed them Choice Uncirculated and Gem Uncirculated, presented here is the coin graded in Gem Unc. The worst coin is far superior to what you see on the market and the finest coins are just about as good as you will ever see. A chance to buy a Choice George VI 1949 Scottish cupronickel Shilling at a price that will please you…
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