Elizabeth II, Sapphire Wedding £5 Silver Proof, 2018

If you're looking for a bargain, this is piece is certainly one. The Royal Mint has charged between £82.00-£88.00 for silver proof £5 pieces. You can have this 2018 Sapphire Jub Coronation £5 Silver Proof while stocks last for just £49.50. Get it while you can! It is certainly a bargain at our price of just £49.50.
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Picture of Elizabeth II, £5 (House of Windsor) 2017 Silver Proof

Elizabeth II, £5 (House of Windsor) 2017 Silver Proof

In 2017 the House of Windsor celebrated 100 years of Royal Service. Don’t forget the name Windsor was only in use starting during the First World War. The name was changed from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor (from Windsor Castle) because of the rise of anti-German sentiment during the war. This Sterling Silver Proof £5 comes in the original Royal Mint case with certificate, just as it was issued. I assume that the original issue price was £80-£88, but we can offer this important silver proof crownsized coin for less money! You have Windsor Castle on one side and H. M. The Queen on the other side. With the case it is a rather sparkling piece.
Picture of Elizabeth II, Halfcrown 1964 BU

Elizabeth II, Halfcrown 1964 BU

The 1964 Halfcrown has always been one of the most difficult to get in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Even at the time of issue, it was not an easy coin to find in top grade. If you are missing this coin or you know someone born or married in 1964 then this coin would make a great gift. Supplies are limited, don’t miss out.

Elizabeth II, Silver Proof 'Scottish' Pound in capsule FDC, 1994

New reverse design to honour Scotland with the Maklouf portrait of Queen Elizabeth on the obverse.