Elizabeth II, Round Pound Type Set Proof Silver Piedfort

Now that the Round Pound is no more, collectors have the opportunity to complete their type set of this coin. First issued in 1983 it was last struck for circulation in 2015. There were three busts of Queen Elizabeth II used during that time. The Machin bust, the so-called Maklouf bust and the Rank-Broadley bust. The Royal Mint made a special edition in Proof Sterling Silver for collectors each year. For VIP Collectors they made Piedfort or double the normal thickness in Proof Sterling Silver. It is those VIP double thick pieces that we now offer you. Each coin comes in a Royal Mint case. The Arnold Machin bust was only struck in 1983 and 1984 so this is the most difficult to get. The so-called Maklouf bust was struck from 1985-1997 and the Ian Rank-Broadley bust was struck from 1998-2014. There is a fourth bust, but these coins were not made for circulation, so we are not including them in the collection. Each coin is struck in double thick Proof Sterling Silver and is in beautiful condition. Supplies are limited...
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