Elizabeth II, £5 (Golden Wedding) 1997 Silver Proof

If you're looking for a bargain, this is piece is certainly one. The Royal Mint has charged between £82.00-£88.00 for silver proof £5 pieces. You can have this 1997 Golden Wedding £5 Silver Proof while stocks last for just £69.50. Get it while you can! It is certainly a bargain at our price.
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United States of America, Quarter 1976 Clad Proof S

In 1976, the United States celebrated the bi-centennial of gaining freedom from…. the US! Yes, it was over two hundred years ago that the two nations split, fiscally but not emotionally. The US Mint made new designs for the 25c, 50c and $1 coins. We knew we had some of the 1976 Quarters or 25c pieces in Proof, the only problem was finding them? Well, 4-5 years later, here they are. We never lose anything, but we do misplace the odd coin or two. You have a drummer beating his drum with a flame in a circle behind. It is a one year design, Choice Proof coins, struck in cupronickel by the US Mint and finally available to you again!
Ascension Island, 50 pence (Royal Wedding Charles & Camilla) 2005_obv

Ascension Island, 50 pence (Royal Wedding Charles & Camilla) 2005

When the Royal Wedding of Charles & Camilla took place in 2005, it was kept as a very low key affair. Now some 16 years later we discover that not one, but two different Silver Proof crowns were issued to honour the event. Issued in VERY limited quantities! The Crown from the Ascension Islands, had a total mintage of just 200 pieces in Proof Sterling Silver. Overlooked by collectors because they were not publicised and unknown until now. We purchased the entire mintage of these Sterling Silver Proof crowns. Because the coins have the Queen’s portrait on them, these crowns had to be officially sanctioned by the Palace. Unknown until now, these silver proof crowns portray our next King and Queen. Add them to your collection while you still have the chance. Mintage is just 200!

Victoria, Penny Set (Old Head) 1895-1901

The third and last design of Victorian coinage was issued when she an elderly woman. The coins became known as the Old Head or Widow Head coins. The old big penny with this design was only issued from 1895-1901. You have the portrait of Victoria facing left wearing a crown and a head scarf. They were issued every year for 1895, 1896, 1897, 1898, 1899, 1900 and 1901. All coins have seen wear after all the newest coin is now 120 years old. Everyone has one or two of them, but a complete date set? Probably not. You get all seven coins, the complete date collection of Queen Victoria Old Head Pennies. But supplies are very limited.