Elizabeth II, Collection of 3 Silver Proof Round Pounds (1983-2014)

Since the round pound was first issued in 1983 there have been 3 different busts of H.M. the Queen: The Machin bust (1983-4), the so-called Maklouf bust (1985-97), and the Rank-Broadley bust (1998-2014). We have taken one of each type in gleaming Sterling Silver Proof, put them in a protective holder, and then put all 3 holders in a handsome display case. That way you can see all three busts at the same time. Some of the types are not easy to get, so We think our price for this three-piece type set of just £125 is quite reasonable, but supplies are very limited. They are not easy to find. This would make a wonderful gift for someone, especially if they are too young to remember the Round Pound. The three Sterling Silver Proof Pounds in a handsome display case just £125.00. All 3 portraits of the Queen.
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George V, Roman Numeral dated (MDCDXI St. George Patina) Set of 3

George V, Roman Numeral dated (MDCDXI St. George Patina) Set of 3

These are some of the finest King George V Patina Retro-Patterns that were ever made. You have the bare head of the King on one side and St. George slaying the dragon on the other side. They are full crownsized and exceptionally highly struck, today no mint could issue such high relief coins, they would take 2-3 blows to strike them and that is just not economical. You get one in Sterling Silver, one in goldine and one in copper all in Proof condition. One important point about this set is that the date is not in Arabic numerals but they harked back to Victorian times and put the date in Roman numerals (MDCDXI). The mintage of this set was just 750 sets and one can be yours for only £89.50. Which we think is reasonable.

Lord Nelson 25 Euro Gilding Metal. UNC

Before the Euro was officially issued a number of private patterns were struck. Now that the Euro is being used these pieces can never be struck again! We have the remaining Euro inventory of the company that issued them. Once they are gone there can never be any more. You can own this one which honours Admiral Nelson and features H.M.S. Victory. Offered in Gilding Metal in Uncirculated condition.
Picture of Elizabeth II, £1 (Scottish Pound) 1984 Proof Sterling Silver  - in capsule

Elizabeth II, £1 (Scottish Pound) 1984 Proof Sterling Silver - in capsule

With Scottish 'Thistle' reverse, issued as part of a 4-coin series to honour the constiuent parts of the UK.