Elizabeth II, A-Z 10p Silver Proof Collection in Acrylic Blocks

In 2018 the Royal Mint issued a series of 10 Pence Pieces one for each letter of the Alphabet A-Z. They issued them in base metal for circulation and in Proof Gold and Silver. They issued the Silver version in several ways and the rarest was just 200 of each coin in an acrylic block. Each coin catalogues £45 which means the full set A-Z catalogues £1,170. We have never even seen one of the sets before let alone owned one. Lo and behold a collector up North sold us a few complete sets! Each comes in an individual package and to be honest the whole collection is quite heavy. We have never seen them, they say the mintage is just 200 sets and this is the first time we have been able to offer them for sale. Just 3 sets available for just £850 a set saving you £320 on the catalogue price and we know they are RARE!
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