Elizabeth II, 50 Pence (UK's Presidency of the EEC) 1992/3 Silver Proof Piedfort

In 1992-1993 Great Britain actually held the presidency of the European Union. But in 1992 the Royal Mint issued a commemorative 50 Pence to honour our Presidency, it was the older larger sized coin. On the obverse, you have The Queen and on the reverse a table with 12 stars one for each member at the time. Here we offer the Sterling Silver Piedfort (double thickness coins). All coins are gleaming Proof condition and come in a protective capsule. No matter how you voted on the referendum we were still Presidents...
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Elizabeth II, 50 Pence (Libraries) 2000 Silver Proof

Issued by the Royal Mint in 2000, this commemorative 50 Pence piece honoured the 150th anniversary of Public Libraries. It was never given the publicity it deserved and many collectors do not have one in their collections. Each coin is complete in its own case, with a certificate just as it was issued by the Royal Mint. Illustrated here is the Sterling Silver Proof of the Library 50p.